If you are looking for high quality educational tutoring,
testing and educational therapy services please call
(510) 524-6455. We can help.   

Although Reach is no longer open, experienced former
staff members, now in private practice, continue to
provide these quality services.   
                                            Corinne Gustafson, M.Ed., BCET
                                        Former Director, Reach for Learning
Reach for Learning  

  • A center staffed by a team of educational specialists
    trained to understand individual learning styles

  • A setting where people experiencing difficulty in
    school or in the work place can come for assessment
    and understanding of the problem

  • A place where academic performance can be
    improved through the development of reading, writing,
    math, study and test-taking skills.

"Our purpose is to identify and evaluate an individual's
learning strengths and weaknesses and teach to their
social and academic potential.  Our goal is to assist
people as they reach for learning."
Helping the San Francisco Bay Area community since 1971